Student Learning

Students are at the centre of everything we do at Wonthaggi Primary School. We support and challenge students to set goals and work towards achieving them, in each area of the curriculum. Our learning spaces are a safe place to persevere with challenges, to learn from mistakes and to seek and provide feedback to others in our learning community. Students and their teachers are supported through a network of supports to ensure that students are working towards their potential.

Instructional Leader and Literacy Learning Specialist

My role involves working closely with teaching teams and individual teachers to support with the assessment, planning and teaching of all students in their grades. I work closely with the Wellbeing, Numeracy Specialists and School Leadership to ensure that all students have the best opportunity to learn and grow.

Learning Specialists

Our roles involve supporting teachers and students in Literacy and Numeracy respectively. This involves working with students and teachers in their classrooms as well as working with staff to collect and understand student data so that we can best help everyone to develop their attitudes, skills and knowledge. We also work closely with school leadership to develop consistency in teaching and learning across the school.